About Our Team Accounting LLC

I’m Teresa Gallucci, founder of Our Team Accounting, LLC.
In 2017 I left the rat race of being a Controller working in large company, non-profit environments so I could get back to my passion of helping small companies with their accounting needs. I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the last 25 years with you and the specifically chosen group of professionals that are on my team.

Every company we work with is unique. Before getting started on your books, one of my team members and I will meet with you to talk about the concerns you have around your current bookkeeping, the problems you would like resolved and how much day to day participation you would like us to have in recording your revenue and expense. In this session I want to learn about the details of your business and your long-term goals so I can formulize a workflow that supports your needs now and will also be scalable to meet your future growth needs.

Our initial meeting can be at the Our Team Accounting office located at the east end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, OR or we can meet at your company location within the surrounding tri-county area. I will review our role as an independent contractor with you and we can discuss the payment option that best fits your need – monthly fixed fee or hourly. Although a contract will need to be in place, there are no long-term commitment obligations. You call the shots!

I’m looking forward to working with you. Please contact us soon so we can ease your bookkeeping burden and allow you to put a bit of fun back into you running your company.

Wishing you great success!