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About Our Team Accounting


I’m James Masotti, owner of Our Team Accounting. Our company was founded in 2017 with the goal of helping small businesses with their accounting needs. The goal of our team is to help provide a clear and accurate financial picture of your business, giving you the ability to plan and track your business’ growth and your business and personal goals.  

Every business we work with is unique, so before getting started on your books, one of our team will meet with you to assess the level of service which best suits your business needs. We will use this time to get to know your business, your long-term goals, and how we can partner with you to achieve them. We will discuss your current accounting, any concerns or challenges you’ve faced, and how much day-to-day participation you want from us. 

Since our team is distributed across the U.S., all our meetings are conducted remotely using web conferencing technology allowing you the convenience to meet with us from your home, office, fishing boat, or wherever your happy place is!   

My team and I are looking forward to hearing from you, so we can ease your administrative burden and help you put the fun back into running your business. 

Wishing you great success! 


Our Values

Human First

We prioritize the individual behind every interaction.

Team Second

Emphasizing the strength and importance of collaboration. We build strong teams internally, and we want to be a part of your team too

Appreciation of Humor 

Infusing joy and laughter into our work. While we’re serious about the work we do, we hope you’ll laugh with us along the way.

Join the Party!

Active participation and engagement in every endeavor. We love being invited to the party so that we can be active team players in helping you reach your business and personal goals.

Melissa Harger

Melissa was raised in Tempe, AZ and graduated from ASU with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with focus on Business and Communication. After moving around a few times, she has landed in Ridgefield, WA with her family. She joined OTA in 2021 as a part-time entry-level bookkeeper and has since become the leader of Team Excel-erators. Away from the office, Melissa is also a birth doula. When not attending births or rocking the reconciliations, Melissa really enjoys being outside hiking, learning how to run, SUP boarding, and gardening. She has no shame around beating her kids in Sorry or Rummy. She loves home projects, being warm, and a great cup of coffee.

Jessi Tiedemann

Meet Jessi, the quintessential bookkeeper with a heart of gold and a flair for multitasking. As a single parent, she fearlessly pursued her dream of crunching numbers, all while raising two energetic girls and managing a household that sometimes seemed to have more moving parts than a Swiss watch. With her trusty calculator always within arm’s reach, Jessi embarked on an educational adventure, earning her associate degree that not only bolstered her career but also became a shining example for her daughters. As a homeschooling mom, she’s the queen of answering emails, balancing spreadsheets, and answering middle school math questions simultaneously. Beyond her numerical prowess, Jessi finds solace in her backyard swing, an oasis of calm where she can be found daydreaming and letting the world spin on without her. Her furry companion, a loyal canine confidant, provides unwavering companionship during both late-night number crunching and swing-time reveries. Adding another feather to her cap, Jessi is also a devoted spouse, sharing her journey with a partner who’s her biggest cheerleader and the wind beneath her wings.

Lisa Lattimore

Lisa was born in Central NY and lived in Boston, MA for over 15 years before settling with her husband and two kids in North Carolina, where she now resides. She graduated from the State University of Oswego NY, with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business with focus on Accounting and Economics. Lisa joined the OTA team in March of 2023. She enjoys what she does for work and loves her clients. When not spending time balancing books, Lisa loves to garden, cook, teach senior fitness classes, and spend time with her family outside.

Maria Alter

Maria lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband of 15 years and their two children. She spent 8 years working for a major financial brokerage firm before taking a break to raise her two children. She joined Our Team Accounting in May 2023 as a bookkeeper. When not at work, she enjoys going to the movies, everything Star Wars, and can be found at the Cross Fit gym most evenings. She has a passion for food, good coffee, and family vacations.

Matt Pisarck

Matt lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania with his wife and children. He graduated from Wilkes University with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Matthew has spent several years both teaching and tutoring mathematics. Outside of work, Matthew spends a lot of time with his family. While balancing your books, Matt will also be balancing a busy schedule at home, with four children. However, Matt enjoys the frenetic pace and all of his children’s activities. He loves coaching youth sports and is an avid golfer.

James Masotti

James Masotti is the owner of Our Team Accounting and a Profit First Professional. James spent the first 15 years of his career in the field of supply chain and operations management, where he worked for companies ranging from a $30M privately held company to Fortune 500 companies Campbell Soup Company and Amazon. James really found his passion leading teams of people and helping them unlock their full potential. It is this passion that led James to want to acquire OTA so that he could leverage his operational and executive skillsets to help business owners achieve the visions they have in their personal and professional lives. James got his entrepreneurial start as a real estate investor and in 2019 started a property management company. It is through his real estate endeavors that James saw the opportunity to help business owners in the building trades to be able to focus on doing the craft they loved and are most skilled at while supporting them in their back-office administration and to help them implement KPI’s, dashboards, SOP’s and many other tools to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. When not helping others achieve their goals and visions, James lives in Sewell, New Jersey with his wife Kaitlyn, their daughter Keira, and old pup CJ. Other pursuits James enjoys include, running trail ultra marathons out in the mountains, bowling, and more importantly coaching bowling as a USBC Bronze level coach, and occasionally manages to get a strategy board game on the table. James is also on the board of directors for Healthy Kids Running Series, a 501(c)3 non-profit with the mission of engaging communities and families by providing an inclusive youth running experience, inspiring kids to believe in themselves and lead an active healthy lifestyle.

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