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New Businesses

Congratulations! You have started your own business and just sold your first widget. We know how exciting and scary that can be all at the same time. Now comes reality however, you need to purchase materials for manufacturing more widgets and you want to track sales so profit can be measured. You need expert bookkeeping support so you can spend your time doing what you are passionate about – building widgets!

Our Team Accounting will:

  • Create a set of books using QuickBooks Online
  • Customize a Chart of Accounts appropriate to your industry and reporting needs
  • Link your checking and credit card accounts to your QuickBooks account for automated transaction downloads
  • Teach you how to use QuickBooks to invoice your clients and pay your vendors – or we can do it for you!
  • Create an electronic filing process for receipt storage (No more shoeboxes!)
  • Provide monthly reports so you can track trends and adjust your efforts quickly
  • Meet with you monthly or quarterly to review your books and ensure you know them and are using the information effectively when making decisions
  • Track your expenses related to use of short-term contractors to ease the burden of issuing 1099’s at the end of the year.
  • Help you pay your first employee accurately and on time by using software designed for small businesses.

Our Team Accounting has the ability to grow with your needs as your company grows. We are your outsourced finance departmen

Existing Businesses

Yeah!!!  You have made it through the hard part!  Your business has been chugging along great for a few years and many of your accounting procedures have been on auto-pilot for a bit too long.  Our Team Accounting can breath new life into those mundane tasks by taking a fresh look at them and offering a few suggestions:

  • First, are you reviewing your financial statements regularly? We will provide you with a monthly or quarterly financial statement packet that includes a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and analytic reports that fit your business upon request.  Then we will happily sit down with you to review them together and make sure you know how to use the information effectively when you make your daily business decisions.
  • We will also review your current expense coding and if needed, design updated transaction coding procedures specific to your company that allows for business line reporting, tracking activity by location or by product sales.
  • Do you work with contractors? We will make sure the Form W-9 for each one is completed and that your 1099’s are sent out timely at the end of the year.
  • Have you made the leap (yes the pun is intended!) to keeping your records electronically? We can help you with designing an electronic filing system that will stand the test of time and be easy for you and your employees to use and maintain.


If you are an Executive Director of a small non profit,organization we understand your bookkeeping needs can be much different:

  • You may need to track funds received from fundraising events, foundations or grants
  • Your funders my require income & expense reporting by project
  • Payroll expenses my need to be allocated to each project with predictable methodology
  • Your board and stakeholders require an annual budget and monthly performance comparisons
  • You may be required to have an annual review or audit by a CPA firm.

Our Team Accounting understands your plight! We can assist you with all or part of your monthly and annual bookkeeping and reporting requirements. We can work alongside your current staff to help with a short-term project or partner with them regularly throughout the year to help keep your overhead low. There’s almost nothing we haven’t done that is related to your 501(c )3, so give us your challenge and see what we can do for you!

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