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Issues We Help Solve

Improving Profitability

If you feel like your business should be generating more profit then you’ve come to the right place. As a Profit First firm, we can help guide you to understanding how to achieve permanent profitability in your business.

Unfiled Taxes!

Sometimes you get so busy running your business, that let’s be honest you don’t file your taxes. Especially if you’ve been “losing money”, you maybe figured since you didn’t owe the government any money that you’d get around to it later. Well later was 1, 2, or 5 years ago, and now your business is in a different place and you need to file taxes. Our team has done many clean ups. We’ll evaluate the current state of affairs and scope out a project plan for what we’ll need from you and how long we think it will take to complete.

Wearing too many hats!

When you started your business you did everything because you had to. But, now, you’re trying to grow and you don’t have the time to do everything. If you’re here it’s probably because you’re thinking that you need to focus on what you’re good at and most enjoy and can bring the highest value to your business…sales and marketing! Let us take on your accounting hat.

Payroll nightmares

Paying your employees is one of the most important things you can do. If they don’t get paid, they stop working. Without them your business will come to a grinding halt. Figuring out running payroll or paying super high fees to Paychex or ADP just doesn’t make sense for your business. As a preferred partner with Gusto, we can simplify your entire payroll experience and reduce the cost at the same time! Talk about a win/win.

Someone’s gotta do it!

Sometimes, you just know that accounting isn’t your zone of genius, nor is it the best use of your and your team’s time. So when you know you are looking for someone to outsource your accounting to, but you still want them to be involved and understand what’s going on with your business and advise you on cost savings and profit improvement opportunities, then we’ve got you covered.

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