Bookkeeping Services

There’s a lot going on in your general ledger!

Depending on your business, you likely need to have easy access to more information than the current balance in your checking account every day. We want to help you get the most out of your bookkeeping investment as possible. The team at Our Team Accounting is here to help you:

  • Record transactions correctly to your subledgers – Yikes! What is a subledger? That’s where your individual sales invoices), detailed records of what your clients owe you (AR) and the list of yet to be paid vendor bills (AP) are recorded. We will show you how to run reports at any time so you can review your sales, accounts payable and accounts receivable reports. There’s more too if you are geeky like us!
  • Submit and record your payroll – We know your employees love to get paid, but do you dread it every time payday rolls around? We can help you with submitting employee time to your preferred payroll processor. If you don’t have one, we have a favorite we can suggest to you. When they have completed their part, we will record the impact of the pay period in your general ledger so you know your cash availability, you can easily track your total payroll expenses and you can tie your quarterly payroll reports to your general ledger.
  • Pay the bills received by your company – We can come to your business location and organize that stack of “ugly” mail that piles up every week or we can record the bills you send to us electronically. Then we will provide you with an Accounts Payable report of all your unpaid items and you can let us know which ones you want to pay. We will either pay your vendors electronically or by check. It’s your preference.
  • Create client invoices on your behalf – You and your team work hard at what you do best. Ensuring you are receiving payment from your clients for the great service you have provided starts with issuing them a correct invoice regularly and consistently. That’s where we can really help you keep potential cash flow coming in the door!
  • Reconcile checking and credit card statements – A great portion of your company’s financial transactions occur through use of your debit or credit card. One of the most important tasks we can do for you is to ensure the bank feeds in your QuickBooks Online account are working properly. This eliminates the need for much of the manual entry required to balance your checking and credit card statements every month, And! Balancing your general ledger to you statements ensures you have collected and recorded everything you need to provide to your tax preparer at the end of the year.

Our Team Accounting will make sure that all your weekly and monthly general ledger work is completed accurately and timely. Then you will never have that icky feeling in your stomach when the annual trip to your tax preparer rolls around

Speaking of being ready for end of year…

While we are not CPAs and are not able to file your taxes, we will work in tandem with your current tax preparer to ensure the four most critical business expenses are reported clearly. (This means potential deductions to you!)

  • Meals & Entertainment – When meeting with your clients for a cup of coffee, be sure to write their name on the receipt. We will electronically file those receipts in case you need to reference them at the end of the year.
  • Out of Town Travel – When attending an industry related seminar or a continuing education event, your hotel and transportation expenses may be deductible and should be documented and receipts should be kept electronically on file for easy access.
  • Use of Personal Vehicle – You CPA will let you know if claiming mileage or reporting fuel and maintenance expenses are best for your individual situation. We will make sure to report the expense consistently every month by helping you find the best way to track it.
  • Home Office – Do you work from home some of the time or all the time? At your CPA’s direction we will be sure to capture appropriate internet, phone and home office expenses and record them accurately in your books.When you meet with your CPA at the end of the year, Our Team Accounting wants you to be prepared. There should be no surprise questions and you should always have an answer for every question that your CPA asks.