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A big thanks to everyone who not only listened to the Grow My Accounting Practice (GMAP) Podcast, but also came to visit our website. I really appreciate you coming to check it out. If you wouldn’t mind filing in the contact form on this page and letting us know what you liked or didn’t like about the podcast episode and perhaps more importantly how we can help you unlock your full potential in your pursuit of your goals. Looking forward to connecting with everyone as we continue the next chapter of this Our Team Accounting’s journey to provide the best quality services to our clients and community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For someone looking to acquire a business are there any resources you would recommend?
Are you considering additional acquisitions?

We are definitely interested in having discussions regarding an opportunity that has significant synergies with our current firm and where we’re wanting to continue growing. So what does that mean¬†

  1. The firm must have a strong culture that aligns with ours. This is one of the most important things to James as the owner and we aren’t looking to just add revenue without making sure the team members of both OTA and a merger candidate don’t continue love coming to work every day.¬†
  2. It would be a huge plus if the business already had someone doing business advisory/controller/CFO services that was not the seller/business owner and would be continuing with the company post acquisition.
  3. An client concentration in roofing specifically, but more generically in the construction and home services businesses
  4. A firm that specializes in Xero