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How we Work

Step 1 – Fit

This initial conversation plays 2 key functions. First, you’ve hopefully spent a little time learning about OTA from this website, our social media posts, talking with our team or our client partners, but it’s still a chance to really get a sense of are we going to be the right outsourced accounting partner for your business. Second, it’s our chance to get to learn about you, your business, and whether evaluate whether you’re going to be a good fit for our values

Step 2 – Technical Review

To make sure we can fully assess the scope of work, we need to sit down with you at your computer and actually dig into your financials. You’ll share your screen and we’ll ask you to show us information from your current accounting system, bank accounts, credit cards, as well as inquire about your payroll, any loans, inventory, and other elements of your financials system that may impact the scope of our partnership.

Step 3 – Scope And Price Proposal

After the technical review the OTA team will regroup and dial in the scope of your engagement as it pertains to our tiers of service {insert link to pricing page} and we’ll put together your custom price proposal. Since all of our prices are customized based on the complexity of your business, we find it best to review the scope and price proposal together to make sure we can answer any questions you have in real time

Step 4 – Contract Signing And Onboarding

You’ve selected a tier of service that’s right for your business, now we’ll put together a contract, payment authorization, and a consent release. For more detail on this part of the process check here {link to how we work page}. Then we’ll schedule an onboarding call. You’ll need to be at your computer again for this call and we’re going to connect your QBO to our account, make sure all the bank accounts and credit cards are properly sync’d and get any passwords that we’ll need into1Password, our secure password manager.

Step 5 – Settling in

One of our team leads will be the primary point of contact for this period. We’ll work on making sure all the recurring processes are set up in Financial Cents, our practice management software and secure client portal. We’ll document any tasks and processes that are unique to your business to make sure that no matter who at OTA is working on your business, that you’ll have consistent quality of service.

Step 6 – Going Steady Eddy

At this point we know how your business operates and you’re comfortable with the cadence of getting the needed information to OTA in a timely fashion so that your books are up-to-date. At this point things are cruising along but we’ll still be in touch as questions come up, and we’re always here to answer your questions and support your business and your goals

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