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QuickBooks Online

You may be wondering why Our Team Accounting chose QuickBooks Online as our preferred system to record your financial information. Below is a list of the most compelling factors we considered:

  • QuickBooks Online is a hosted, online software subscription service offered and maintained by Intuit, Inc. a long trusted partner of small businesses.
  • QuickBooks is in the cloud, which means you have access to your data at any time and from any device with your own login credentials. A local server is not required.
  • Intuit uses 128-bit encryption to secure your data. There is no uploading or downloading and no need to backup. Data is stored on Intuit servers and available to you at all times.
  • There are no large annual licensing fees or renewals. Once an appropriate QuickBooks Online package has been activated, a monthly subscription fee is charged. The QuickBooks package can be upgraded at any time your business growth may require additional accounting features.
  • QuickBooks Online allows access to you, your employees and your CPA as well as us.. No more carrying piles of receipts and reports back and forth between us and your office or your office and your CPA!
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