I hope that you are either having, or already had, a great RoofCon. Hopefully you ended up hear because we were talking and received one of my fliers, but if not and you ended up here because someone else shared it with you, or maybe you pulled it out of the trash can to put it in the recycling bin. No matter how you ended up here I really appreciate you coming to check it out. If you wouldn’t mind filing in the contact form on this page and we’ll go ahead and send over a link to schedule time with us. In the message box too feel free to let us know what questions you have in advance of the meeting so that we make sure we can best serve you. And of course, as I mentioned in the video…wait you didn’t watch the video…what are you waiting for? Go click the button…it’s only like 2 minutes long…and there’s an extra special bonus instructions in there if you do watch. I’d tell you here but my frog overlords would not approve! Don’t understand my frog overlords reference? Just poke around the rest of the website and you’ll figure it out. Anyway I’m really looking forward to connecting and seeing what kind of new awesome goals you can achieve in your business. Cheers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Profit First?

In the most simple terms Profit First is a cash management tool to help business owners ensure they are able to be profitable and meet their business and personal goals. 

My CPA says they've never heard of Profit First?

I’m not surprised. There’s only about 800 Profit First Professionals around the world, while Statistica.com says there are 1.4 million accountants in the US alone. So even if all 800 were in the US, which they aren’t, then that means only 0.05% of accountants are profit first professionals. And some of those Profit First Professionals are actually coaches or other business advisors so the number is even smaller!

My CPA says Profit First doesn't work

There are thousands of businesses around the world that will strongly disagree with that statement. But just like there are many people in the world who fail to understand the awesomeness that is Hawaiian Pizza, there are bound to be some CPA’s out there who don’t like Profit First for one reason or another. 

My CPA says I don't need this system because all the information is on my financial statements

You’re CPA is absolutely correct! Phew…I was starting to get concerned that you thought I didn’t like your CPA, and at least so far I’ve never even met him or her and I’m sure they’re an absolutely wonderful person. Buuuuut, most business owners, including me, don’t live in their financials statements. We live in real time with our business and we’re far more likely to check our bank balances and be able to know if things are going well in our business then we are to go into Quickbooks and run some reports to see where the business is. That’s just the reality of the difference between a business owner who is running their business and an accountant who is trained to live and breath financials statements.