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Why All the frogs on the Our teAm Accounting website?

Why are there frogs on an accounting firm’s website? This question has baffled many visitors to the Our Team Accounting website. Let’s dive into the quirky and unexpected story behind these amphibious mascots.

A Curious discovery

When the James was considering buying the company back in December 2022, one thing stood out – frogs. The website was dotted with playful, claymation frogs, a far cry from the typical, buttoned-up aesthetics you’d expect from an accounting firm. Intrigued, James delved into the origins of these whimsical creatures.

The Origin of the Frogs

Tracing back to the original version of the website, which can now only be glimpsed through the Internet Archive (or the above linked video), the frogs were the brainchild of the original web designer. These fun, claymation figures were sourced from a stock image website, adding a splash of humor and creativity to the firm’s online presence. Alongside the frogs, there was even a link to the classic game, Frogger, maintaining a playful tone that captivated visitors.

embrAcing the Whimsy

When the company changed hands, James decided to keep the frogs. Why? Because they symbolized one of the core values of the business: an appreciation of humor. The frogs, with their out-of-place charm, highlighted the firm’s unique approach – blending professionalism with a touch of fun.

The Frogs As MAscots

The frogs became more than just images on a website; they evolved into informal mascots. Representing the firm’s quirky and approachable nature, these amphibians caught people’s attention and made the business memorable. Discussions even began about introducing other hopping animals like kangaroos, crickets, and bunnies to join the frog family.

A Possible FormAl MAscot?

There’s been talk within the team about adopting a formal mascot. Ideas have ranged from hopping animals to a dedicated mascot figure that could bring a new level of identity to the firm. Depending on when you visit the website, you might encounter these new additions or still find the beloved frogs gracing the pages.

A Slice of History

To keep the spirit of the original frogs alive, in the video above James has shared one of his favorite images from the initial batch of photos. Though it never made it onto the website, this picture remains a “cherished” part of the firm’s history, symbolizing the fun and creativity that Our Team Accounting stands for.

Wrapping things up

So, why are there frogs on the Our Team Accounting website? They represent a blend of humor, creativity, nostalgia, and a unique approach to business. These quirky mascots have become a part of the firm’s identity, making it stand out in the world of accounting.

Now you know the story behind the frogs. It’s perhaps not a very tall tale but, hopefully it has given you a little chuckle or given you something to smile and shake your head about today.

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